Front-End Developer

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Front-End Developer

We're looking for a (in-house) Front-End Developer to join our tech team.

Full-time · Oslo

uppercase is a tech driven design agency in Oslo.

We wish to make a difference, creating great products that solve real problems. We use our design expertise and tech-savviness to enable human beings to improve their lives through technology.

Our core strength is to test, iterate and develop ideas into great products and create new businesses. In other words, we are a company that creates companies; we help start-ups start up and help existing businesses evolve. Do you want to join us?

About the job

Your challenge will be to write great code, find solutions to complex problems, and actively participate in all aspects of the iterative teamwork required to build great products.

You will be working with our clients, designers, developers, project managers, and executives to develop and design great customer experiences that solve real-world problems in a dynamic start-up environment.

You will keep learning in your field and others through courses, conferences, and internal projects. Our industry is evolving rapidly, and new technologies emerge every month. We expect our developers to keep up with the latest developments and evaluate them critically.

Ultimately, your work will have a direct impact on the user experience of our customers.

About you

  • Fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • You can implement solutions that are user responsive and efficient.
  • You have knowledge of the entire web development process.
  • Experience in working with large scale projects
  • You are capable of implementing a resilient web architecture.
  • You have experience with testing and debugging.
  • You have an eye for layout aesthetics.
  • You are analytical and you have a keen eye for details.
  • You have great problem-solving skills and you work well in a team.
  • Experience with Git and reviewing code.
  • You're curious about new technologies and you're driven to find ways to implement them in your work.
  • You have experience with coaching and mentoring other developers.
  • You can oversee and drive projects forward.
  • Experience with NextJS/React, Sveltekit/Svelte or similar JavaScript libraries.
  • Experience with state management libraries like Recoil, Zustand, Jotai, Redux or similar state management libraries.

A few uppercase perks:

  • Great industrial office space at Thune
  • Competitive salary and terms
  • Yearly trips with the company
  • Great health insurance
  • Great lunch and beer on tap!
  • Ping pong, Playstation, Foosball
  • Massages from our naprapat, Alfhild
  • Relevant conferences and courses
  • All the tools you need to do awesome work

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Do you want to join our team as our new Senior Front-End Developer? Then we'd love to hear about you!